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Fragile lives.

             A few days ago, I read a heartbreaking piece of news about a man who died when a huge tree fell on the car he was driving. He got crushed under it and died soon after. He had gone to drop his little girl to school in their brand new vehicle. After  dropping her at the school gate, he tried reversing his car when tragedy struck. My mind swarmed with thoughts of his daughter, who had asked him to come fetch her from school in the evening and take her friends for a spin in their new car. My heart bled for his wife who was home preparing delicacies for his birthday, which ironically fell on the same day. Fate had dealt such a cruel hand to him and his family. In one clean sweep it took away from a family their reason for hope and happiness.
          What do we make of it? We lead fragile lives. That's what. It takes just one stroke to reach 'The End' of one's game here; everything that we worked for, toiled for, hoped for, prayed for gets wiped out in one moment!  Life. One little word that holds so much weight, and promise, and hope and dreams, but, which also comes with  the "Do not trust me" tag.   Such uncertain is our life.
       Despite knowing this fact, we keep moving ahead, full of faith and a firm resolve that come what may, we will reach our destination. We make huge plans for our life, as if we were born with the knowledge about our longevity. Not for a moment do we stop to consider if we will even live that long! We humans are such - hurrying to reach a moment in the future, preparing for that moment and working towards that moment. Seldom do we stop to live in the moment - the moment when we are alive!
      I, too, plan on doing a hundred things an year from now, two years from now. But, there are times, when a little voice in my head stops me in my tracks and reminds me to live a little now, breathe a little now, give my best to whatever little I do now and think about the future if and when it arrives! Que sera sera! 
     For, life is uncertain, fragile. You never know what's in store for you, or  when you will have to bid adieu. So, why not live for today, be happy today, be grateful for today and leave the rest to destiny? Why not seize this  day and turn it into a miracle?
    Carpe diem!

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*Today's prompt: Fragile lives.  

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  1. Carpe diem indeed...
    For the entire second decade of my life, I lived inside a hospital. As in literally. I stayed in Pune for 3 years and never once visited Mumbai. That was my life.
    Choosing to live a full life is an active decision we need to make... especially in this day and age where we dont know what the next turn brings

    1. So true, doc. Make use of every second that we are alive, lest we repent later.

  2. So true!
    Carpe Diem is the way to go!

  3. Shilpa, your posts pack a punch and deliver the message loud and clear. Life is uncertain and we need to stop running, take deep breaths and smell the roses along the way.

    1. Thank you Sulekha!
      Yes, stop a while, smell the roses and get moving! :)

  4. True, Shilpa. Life is very fragile. We all are really just temporary citizens here.

    That news item is indeed sad. My first thought was the same as yours. It pains me to think of the child and the wife. Fate dealt them a very cruel card.

    1. Indeed, Shantala. We are here for but a short while. It would be better if we accepted this fact and lived every moment fully!

  5. So true Shilpa. Life is unpredictable, we all know that and yet we plan and compromise the 'now' for the future. Sigh! If only we could remember this.
    PS: Still haven't gotten over your 'stranger than fiction' post. That half eaten cookie brrrr.

    1. Yes, Tulika. We really ought to begin living in the here and now, instead of in the morrow.
      :) Sending you a hug to drive away the fear of the half eaten cookie post!

  6. Yes, the reality hits us and how. There are times when I slow down and think just like you did. We plan, we dream, who knows if we will live long enough to bring them to fruition. It is difficult to do but live in the moment.

  7. How true Shilpa! In our hurried life, we never appreciate the simple pleasures of being alive, healthy and more! Reminders like this post of yours are definitely much needed!

  8. Indeed we better learn to live in the moment - a timely reminder :(

  9. How devastating about that man who died so tragically. Yes, we never know what is in store for us and how long we get. Each day is a gift. My mom always said this as she got older and more frail. She knew each day she got was precious. Thanks for reminding us to be in the moment and seize the day.

  10. So very true Shilpa! Happens with all of us... We get so busy in fulfilling our dreams that we forget to live our lives in the moment!


  11. Very true and any life is fragile while we are blessed with this blinkered vision which makes us feel immortal. Seize the moment I say.

  12. I try to remember this every day. We are here but for a moment -- make them count.

    1. Yes, Carol. Make every moment count!

  13. The newspapers tell many such stories like that man who got crushed in his car when the tree fell over his car. You have said it - live a little now, breathe a little now. Let us all be grateful of everything we have got until the time we are here on this earth.


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