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Live and let live.

      Kavita had been sitting motionless for hours now, deeply immersed in her thoughts. The impending arrival of the prospective groom to 'see' her had been driving her to despair.  Pleading with her parents for some more time had been a futile attempt, leading to a worsening state of turmoil. Thoughts of rebellion and defeat rose simultaneously within her, sending her deeper into the chasm of desolation. But, giving up was not an alternative for her now;  building up a fighting spirit was what she needed to concentrate on.
    "They will take one look at me and reject me outright. The kind of genes I have inherited will ensure that! And, after they have gone, and my folks tch-tched about my rotten luck, life will get back to normal. And, then, within a few days, I will move out. Anisha has waited so long! We have waited so long. Our dream for our future will all come true one day. Dad and ma will never understand, never agree. They will, of course, put their foot down.

   "No way!" they will say. "We don't want a daughter-in-law, we want a son-in-law, for heaven's sake! Are we living in America? All this gay and lesbian business is for those foreigners, not us Indians! And, it's a disease - this 'thing' - don't you know? Our daughter, a lesbian? ! Chii! What will people say?They will spit on us! They will throw us out of the community!"

     "Blah, blah, blah...they will go on and on. But, I am not going to pay heed to them. or the society, or anybody! Screw them all! it's my life, my happiness and I will fight for it, fight for my rights!"

     Kavita sat knotting and unknotting the end of her dupatta, her heart beating faster with a strong current of revolt that now ran through her. Her mind, engaged in all the wishful thinking had washed away the fear of all these days and replaced it with a courage that left her emboldened!
   How she yearned to be with Anisha - her love, her life! How she hungered for freedom from the closeted life she had been living all these years! She would not cower in fear anymore; she would give it her all, till the very end!
  Will her dreams come true? Only time will tell.

*And, only time will tell , if the countless Kavitas and Anishas the world over will be able to live the life they have dreamed of. Our "normal" thinking society that frowns upon homosexuality, thinking it to be a disease, needs to learn to embrace life in every colour and accept people along with the life they wish for themselves. Just live and let live - it's that simple! 

 *I am participating in the Bar-a-thon at Blog-a-rhythm, for an exciting 7 days of blogging and blog-hopping. Do join us with your posts and have a thrilling week! 

*Today's prompt: Wishful thinking.

*Team Orange Tango. 


  1. It hurts that so many Indians are still persecuted for this... this being an actual criminal offence even today. And the reasons your protagonists worry her parents will say - those are the exact reasons that haunt them too.

    I wish we could progress as a nation and allow people to be who they are as long as they are not harming anyone.

  2. In a country that is over-ridden by criminals, rapists and pillagers, justice and equality for the innocent LGBT is virtually impossible. Leave alone the bigger picture, even close family and blood would rather ostracize them in view of public favor and acceptance. Great take on the prompt Shilpa!

  3. Sigh! We're so far away from evolving, aren't we? Why can't we just live with the times, I wonder.

  4. People are coming around but at a snail's pace. Any bit of change is better than nothing. Great take on the prompt, fabulous post.

  5. It's a taboo for in our society! I wonder why? Everyone has the right to live on their own terms. Why attach stigma to it? Why bother them.. Live and Let live. Simple!


  6. I was reading Leila Seth's autobiography - author Vikram Seth's mother and she makes some very valid points on homosexuality. I love the way she and her husband have handled the whole issue - so naturally - just the way it should be. Lovely thought-provoking read Shilpa.


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