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Time to change.

         We celebrate the 70th  year of Independence today. I really wonder what exactly it means to the people of this country! Now, this may come across as  a pessimistic attitude to many, but, really, how much have we really progressed in these past seven decades? I don't want to dwell  upon the multitudinous goals we have achieved, instead, I would like to ponder over the basic philosophy of us Indians that we have so miserably failed to work upon.
        Every soul in India follows a religion from which he imbibes knowledge about how he must lead an ideal life. Respecting one another and working towards building a society where every one lives in harmony, are the tenets of every religion, isn't it?  Everyone who has read their religious text will vouch for this knowledge that it imparts. Then, why do we still have discrimination based on religion, caste and creed? Why the intolerance for the other religion, whichever it may be? Aren't we taught that we all are 'one'?  Our  gods must have given up on us by now; no wonder the chaos all around us!
    And, so must have our goddesses, whom we revere in our temples, but whose image we fail to revere and respect in our everyday life.  'Image', being every woman here, in this country of ours! Everyday,  we read about rapes and violence against women, happening all around us. On days, when I read more than a few such news articles, I wonder if it is  some sort of an epidemic that has spread all over our country?!  Yes, passing stringent laws and punishing the guilty without delay will definitely help. But, isn't it our responsibility to implement  what we learn - we being the most religious citizens of the lot? God-fearing, eh? Are we really so?
     Isn't it time we actually, really, made an attempt to bring about a change - in ourselves? Society will change on its own; it's us we need to work upon first! Work towards embracing, and respecting, each and every citizen of our country - irrespective of their gender, their religion and  their choice of life. Kindness towards our fellow citizens, respect and care for our motherland, and working towards the betterment of our nation as we would for our home, is our duty. It's also something we owe to our past, as well as to our future - the generation that fought for our freedom, and the generation that will take over from us in the times to come.
      Journalist and historian, Khushwant Singh in his book,'There is no god', quoted American writer Ella Wheeler Wilcox, whose simple words are what we really need to follow today.

       So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind,
       When just the art of being kind is all that the sad world needs.

   It may sound cliched, but isn't it a fact, that a change in mindsets and our age-old philosophy is the need of the hour? We harp about it every year on Independence day and Republic day, and yet, we fail to see any substantial improvement around us! I guess, the time has come to really make a solid attempt at bringing about that necessary change - in ourselves - so that one day, we awake to that beautiful day when our country will be in a position where we so want her to be!
   Let us follow a new religion of kindness and tolerance for one and all. Let us  all labour tirelessly for the India we dream about, and, instead of pointing accusing fingers at the laws that govern, the powers that be, take it upon ourselves to reform the image of this country and bring her the recognition and the respect she so deserves! Together, we can, and, we should!
   Jai Hind!

Image from Pixabay.


  1. I don't know where the problem lies... Is it the population explosion ... Or the lackadaisical attitude... Or a mix of both that had lead our country into these times. Life has lost its meaning... No one respects life of others... And unless start that there's no hope for the society to improve. We have grown and achieved a lot, but at the same time are third world country rigged with issues going out of control. I agree with your views. Thoughtful post.

    1. I think it is the lackadaisical attitude, Raj, that hampers the progress of our country. But, I also think that the day we really take it upon ourselves to improve the atmosphere, things will surely change!

  2. Your last paragraph sums it up brilliantly, Shilpa. Religion, caste and creed, are all man-made. Our Gods and Goddesses haven't really given up on us - there is a lot of good in this world, which the media doesn't want to highlight.

    You're right. Change starts with us. After all, society is made up of us. If we can follow a good path regardless of what people around us do instead of giving up and claiming that we were fools to be honest and authentic, things slowly change around us.

    The best example is Modi. While social and mainstream media blasts him (because of a sense of elitism), he quietly goes about his work, empowering the under privileged population of our country, and common man. If he can keep working the way he does, with morals and values, we can try being 1% of him :)

    Happy Independence Day!

    1. You put across your thoughts so beautifully, Vishal! Let's hope each one here realises the value of what the man is working for and emulates his attitude. Things will surely change!

  3. Kindness and tolerance can bring the change we wish to see. I loved how you summed up the post. 70 years and still so much needs to be done. We still can't support our sports' talent and blame infrastructure when countries smaller than us are doing so much better in all respects. A thought provoking post!

    1. True, Parul. It's the grass-roots level that needs to be worked upon, in every field. People need to be ready to get their hands dirty (for the good of the society!). Blaming others is really not going to help, is it? Let's hope it doesn't take another 70 years to see some improvement!

  4. Great post !!! Happy Independence Day!!!

  5. I share your thoughts, Shilpa - the worries and agony. Unless we all come together and shed the insecurities and inhibitions, there truly is no hope. There is no meaning for anything these days. People try to intimidate others, exploit and take advantage. One needs to be honest, kind and true to oneself.
    Happy Independence Day.

    1. Honesty, kindness and truthfulness, the three pillars on which the future of our country truly depends!

  6. Happy Independence Day, Shilpa. I realized today that we need to free from ego and embrace everyone, no matter what religion we belong to. There are so many issues that afflict us be it rape against women and hatred against fellow citizens or people globally. We are human beings, first and foremost. A thought provoking post on I Day:)

    1. Yes, Vishal. We are human beings first and foremost and discriminating on the basis of religion is a regressive mindset we need to let go of. Only then we can think of progressing as a country.

  7. A post I've done, 'Silent Ranks' on I Day where three spouses of soldiers speak:

  8. I think that there is so much diversity especially when it comes to mindsets. Not every section moves ahead at the same pace. We need empathy and patience. The change is happening slowly. I also wish that the pace was faster. As far as religion is concerned, I hope we don't get swayed by a few vociferous voices and honour the love and restraint that we've always shown.

    1. Yes, Rachna. The pace at which we are progressing as a nation definitely needs to be faster. And, we can surely achieve it, provided we do away with our egos and learn to work as one.


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