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A healthy heart in a healthy body.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

"My heart is beating,
keeps on repeating,
I am waiting for you..."

   It's a song for the love struck hearts from an old hindi movie. As I was humming it this morning, I came across the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative for a healthy heart and my mind tweaked the words from the above song a bit:

"My heart is beating,
keeps on repeating,
"Are you lookin' after me?"

   Indeed, if  our heart could verbalise its innermost feelings, this is what it would ask! The poor organ gets battered, bruised and neglected big time, what else would it wonder?! Do we ever stop to ponder that our heart, too, has a shelf life?  In our hectic schedules, rarely do we give it the time, consideration or care it deserves. And, one day, all of a sudden, the worn little thing gives up in frustration, waking us with a jolt, but with no time to rectify …

The Calling - Unleash your true self. Book Review.

The Calling - Unleash your true self, is an inspirational book written by Priya Kumar. An award winning and a bestselling author of books like 'I am another you', and 'License to live', Priya Kumar brings for us a book about a journey within. A journey we all need to make in order to  discover our true selves, and the reason behind our presence on this planet.

           Books that belong to this genre attract me, in that they motivate me and help me realign my perspectives and gain some clarity and peace of mind.  And, this book does just that. In a language that is lucid and a style that instantly makes you feel at ease, the author narrates the story of Arjun  and his journey that changes his life forever.   I found it somewhat similar to The Alchemist in nature, which also happens to be a tale about a man who embarks upon a journey learning about life and about following one's dreams.

       The story is peppered with maxims all along; maxims that leave us stunn…

A list of things I love.

I have been reading this book, "Until I say Good-bye", where the author, Susan Spencer- Wendel is suffering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral schlerosis) - Lou Gehrig disease (an irreversible condition that destroys the nerves that power the muscles). She has about an year left on this planet which she decides to spend in the company of her loved ones,  travelling to places she had always wanted to. She wrote this book on her IPhone using her thumbs, as the rest of her fingers  became useless with time.

      There is this  page in the book where she has made a list of all the little  things she loves and feels we all keep such a list.. I loved the idea and decided to come up with my own! It took me some deliberation to  come up with a list of things which give me a sense of contentedness, things  I find  therapeutic and which help me feel buoyant on indulging in them.  Seemingly insignificant things but, which bring about an exhilaration and a happiness to every cell i…

We, the caterpillars.

God changes a caterpillar into a butterfly
                                               sand into pearls
                                              and coal into diamonds
                                               using time and pressure.
                                               He's working on you, too!

Human beings are ever-changing. Our future will not see even a shadow of our former selves. We change, transform, evolve into a different version of ourselves. We get better or bitter, fearful or stronger, all because of the battles we fight all along this journey called life.  So, can we take it as "we are creating ourselves?" Or, is it our life which is bringing about that change, that transformation?

I like to believe it's life, the people we meet in  our life and the various circumstances we go through that are responsible for the changes we undergo. Life teaches us lessons when we are  busy grumbling about our circumstances. But, the most observant am…

My colour palatte.

My blogger friend, Mayuri Nidigallu, suggested a colourful prompt on, well, COLOURS.  Lovely prompt, Mayuri, considering how dull and boring our life would have been had it not been for colours! 

          People relate colours to their moods or emotions at any particular time. But, for me, colours remind me of my favourite food and the nature around me. Right since I can remember, dark brown has been a favourite. As a kid, when I walked down a street, vehicles, buildings, even clothes in this colour caught my eye! I was  very attracted to the colour, though, I know not why! 
        As I grew, I realised the colour reminded me of my favourite chocolates - the bitter chocolate. Its rich, dark brown colour has always had a magnetic effect on me and aroused my taste buds like nothing else!  I find the sin food almost orgasmic in nature. I have this dazed look in my eyes when I watch  the chocolate sauce being poured onto the pristine white  vanilla ice cream! It simply makes …

Until I Say Good-Bye.

Happy the man.

Happy the man, and happy he alone,
          He who can call today his own;
         He who, secure within, can say,
         Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.
         Be fair or foul or rain or shine
         The joys I have possessed, in spite of fate, are mine.
         Not Heaven itself upon the past has power,
         But what has been, has been, and I have had my hour.

         __John Dryden.

This poem features in the very beginning of the book, "Until I Say Good-Bye", written by Susan Spencer - Wendel.

This is  for the second time that I am reading this book, and for the second time that I feel I am not doing justice to every breath I take.  Cryptic, eh? You shall see.

The writer, Susan Spencer - Wendel,  was detected with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis -  Lou Gehrig's disease. It is an irreversible condition that destroys the nerves that power the muscles. She was only 44 when she learned about the disease. 44…

How I fell in love with myself.

Do you love yourself? I mean, do you really love yourself, flaws and all? I am sure there  have been countless moments when you must have cringed at the sight you saw in the mirror, or when you spotted a yummy mummy sashaying past you at the mall. It's okay, confess you felt this way. We all do! None of us, okay, there may be some exceptions, so let me say, most of us are rarely happy with ourselves - our bodies, our physical appearances, our looks, take your pick.
         How we rue the fact that once we step into our thirties, we lose our charm! Bulging bellies, thundering thighs, love handles get labelled as "permanent accessories". Our husbands add to our distress by comparing us to "that curvy hottie" who seems to be blessed with some special anti-ageing genes. Yes, most of the husbands do! And, where does that lead us? To the gym, or the dietician. Swearing off this foodstuff and that, sweating it out at the gymnasium and worrying ourselve…