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The Pakistani Bride - Book Review.

I had been on quite a long reading hiatus, which, fortunately, ended last week. I bought not one, but three books of varied genres to begin afresh. I wrote about Love stories, an anthology edited by Ruskin Bond, and,  I let you go', by Clare Mackintosh. In today's post, I review the third book, 'The Pakistani Bride', by the internationally acclaimed  author, Bapsi Sidhwa.

   Her books have been translated and published in several languages and she has received many an honour for her literary works. As humbled as I feel reviewing her book, I hope I am able to do justice to her work. So, help me God.

The Pakistani Bride  is the story of Zaitoon, a little girl orphaned during the exodus that was the Partition of India and Pakistan. The bloodbath that led to a complete annihilation of the fabric of our country left countless families shattered and destructed.

 The following two lines  paint an accurate picture of  the aftermath of the Partition, of people's struggl…

Soul sisters.

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned how we women need to gather our army of women we can trust our life with. Women, whose shoulder we can lean on when life seems too heavy a burden; who will read our mind like no one ever will, and who will use just the right words  to soothe our frayed nerves. Surprisingly,  I have been meeting, and bonding, with such women like  never before! I do believe that the universe listens to us, to our fervent prayers, but this was not something I had expected!

A month ago, I happened to find  the whereabouts of a long lost cousin I had last met two decades ago. We lost touch with each other as life took precedence over everything else. I sent her a Facebook friends request (Fb proves to be the  miracle worker who comes to our rescue when we venture out in search of our long lost near and dear ones!), and the very next day she called, all the way from Vishakhapatnam! You can imagine the happy time we had sharing our stories of the past twenty years; t…

Behind closed doors.

I have been on a reading spree, of late; just finished reading my second book from among the trio I bought last Sunday -  'I let you go', by Clare Mackintosh. A psychological thriller, it was the kind of unputdownable books I prefer to read. I finished it in about two days; it could have taken me even less time had there not been any other work needing my attention!

   The book begins with a hit and run case, but gradually emerges to be the tragic story of the heroine fleeing her miserable life as a victim of domestic violence. The writing is bold, in that  the scenes depicting the violence inflicted by the husband are graphic. It does need a lot of strength and willpower to  read about the acts of violence endured by the poor woman at the hands of her beastly  husband. I shuddered as I read those scenes. The kind of psychological control men can have over their women is ghastly, terrifying. One only needs to imagine with a sense of horror the kind of physical abuse the wom…



     A word that evokes myriads of feelings in our heart; an emotion that "makes the world go round", and a formula that gives us the courage to circumnavigate the widest of oceans for the object of our affection! 

      Ah, how much more filmy can one get? 

       But, isn't it amazing what this four-letter word is capable of? It  has the power to bring men down to their knees; it can turn brawn to mush with just a fluttering of eyelids, and prudence to recklessness by a mere few honey-dipped words of endearment!  Love - it can spin you like a ball on its little finger and turn you into a complete moron. I mean, it's only later that you realise what a moron you have been! 

     No, I am not against love. But, it's just a thought that does the rounds in my head every once in a while. The thought that, if the love stories that ended in tragedy had ended happily, would the hero and heroine have stayed in love as much as they were when it all began? Would love sti…

How 'bout a coffee break?

Hello, friends! How have you all been? I hope it was a good week; I hope life treated you well. I have been fine, too;  going with the flow. But, that's what we are supposed to do, that's all we are supposed to do - go with the flow, isn't it? 
        So, do you have your coffee mugs ready, brimming with your favourite brew, brimming with love and warmth? Let's then have our weekly tete-a-tete, shall we? Where would you prefer to sit - the outdoors or the  indoors?

       Which is that special corner in your home where you like to settle down with your coffee mugs and contemplate, or simply stare into space as you sip your coffee and give your overworked mind a much-needed break?

        My favourite place is the balcony. I have placed a short wooden stool there, on  which I like to perch myself and talk to my plants, watch the sparrows peck on the grains I set out for them. It's calm and quiet there (except for the chirps) and I tend to get lost deep in …

How 'bout a coffee break?

It's the end of the week and here I am,  my coffee  mug in hand, all set to have our weekly tete-a-tete!

         So, how was your week? I hope it was  peaceful and pleasant, in spite of all the chaos that is going on out there in the world. My week was...umm...very productive, if I may say so. I prepared couple of  sketches for Mr. Bossy Pants (you all know who he is, don't you? For those who don't, well, he is my sweetheart! 😉),  typed a post in the wee hours of Tuesday morning on lessons life taught me.   I also read some amazing posts by fellow bloggers: Roshan Radhakrishnan, Shailaja V.,  Nabanita Dhar, ,Rachna Parmar,   Darshana Suresh . Do visit them. They are  accomplished writers and I am positive their writing will leave a lasting impression on your heart and your mind!

       Mind..hmm..that reminds me, I have been wondering about this complex thing gifted by God.  I often wonder in awe at its creation and  everything that went into its making. Your…