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Life after life.

The soul of man is like to water,
                                                   From Heaven it cometh
                                                  To Heaven it riseth
                                                   And then returneth to earth,
                                                   Forever alternating. 

                                                                                         From - Only love is real, by   Dr. Brian Weiss

              I have been very fascinated by reincarnation for some time now. The holy scripture I read speaks about how we keep taking births in different forms, life after life. How, we also keep learning some more in every life we get, until the time we reach the state of nirvana, when we are released from the cycle of birth and death and achieve enlightenment.  However, it was only after reading Many lives, many masters, and  Only love is real, by Dr. Brian Weiss, that I became a convert to this belief.
           We are …

When the past beckons.

Hark back to a memory that calls from the beyond. 

               The tunnel felt cold, yet,  tranquil.
               Serena felt an unusual placidity envelope her. She was all alone, but without the slightest fear for being in an alien place.
                She allowed her mind to fantasize as she traced the crevices in the wall with her fingers.   It was her first visit to this city, yet, in this old tunnel, she had the strangest feeling of deja vu!

             Instantly,  like an epiphany, she realised where she had seen this place.
             It had been during her regression sessions with Dr. Weiss, that she had seen this very tunnel! Hadn't she been the young man who laboured here happily, almost a hundred years ago?!

*The above post has been written for Wordy Wednesday.
   This week's prompt: Picture Prompt.

A li'l post on my li'l ol' boy.

Times change. And, how!
             Until a few years ago, my little boy, Chikoo, would wake me up each morning like an alarm clock-  6 o'clock, on the dot! It is a mystery to me, how they read the time! He would bark bark bark, and wake me up with,

     "Mommy, mommy, wake up! It's morning! We need to go pee, on those lovely trees! I mean, I will pee, and you can see me pee, and leave my signature all over for the girls to follow! Wow! Isn't that so exciting! Mommy, mommy, come onnnnnnn!" 

I would wake up grumbling, and coaxing Chikoo back in bed, for a few more minutes.

      Now, the situation has reversed. I have to wake him up, with a
"Wake up, sleepy head. It's time to go, pee! Wake up, darling!"

And, he yawns, and yawns, and stretches lazily, and grumbles some gibberish in his doggy-language and  goes back to sleep! The old man now prefers to laze around, sleep the entire day, and just take things easy!

  However, with time, his in…


"Get busy living, or get busy dying! But, for Heaven's sake, get your sorry carcass off my couch, and GET MOVING!" Mama hollered at Joe, when she saw him lolling on the couch, smoking his umpteenth cigarette.

           Joe - he was the good-for-nothing nephew, whom Dada had brought along to the city, to find some work. Much to Mama's chagrin.  Life was tough already, and now, to feed  an extra mouth would be taxing for her, but she did not complain. At least not in the first couple of months.

           We kids found him rather strange, but warmed up to him in a couple of weeks. He taught us to ride the bicycle, after all, how useless could he possibly be? I wondered.  I did find his slothfulness very annoying, though. Psst...he bathed just once a week! Eww!  We would pinch our noses, and make faces behind his back each time he passed us by. I don't know if he heard our sniggers; he never reacted to our mockery. I wonder now how we managed to learn riding…

Oh, boy!

There are some people who seldom vanish from our memory(for that matter, some incidents, too!). Even those from the distant past of our school-days. Like this brat in my class, whose face I vividly remember to this day! The look of evil mischief, like Dennis the Menace, writ large in his tiny brown eyes, and the  supremely puerile brain ticking every minute in his head is remembered even today by my batch-mates!

              He was the Huckleberry Finn of our class, since as far back as I can remember. Right from the nose-wiping, kindergarten-going, oily-faced 6 year old,  to the whistling-at-the-girls high school-going 15 year old. Wonder how his mother tolerated him!  Maybe she was the one responsible for all the coarse behaviour he exhibited throughout his school life.  No offence meant to all the mothers out there, who sweat and toil their entire lives to bring up well-behaved children.

            All he had to do was pass some idiotic comment, and the boys would …

Live and learn.

Today, I read a post by my blogger friend, Vidya Sury, on the greatest teacher of all: Life. It felt like I had been nudged out of my reverie. It  does happen quite often, that we read an article in a newspaper, or a page out of a book while casually leafing through it and we stumble across the precise words that we need to hear/read at that moment. We are awakened out of our slumber and given a light knock on our heads. It feels as if the Big Guy sitting up there is telling us, "Wake up, you nut case! Wake up and get your a** moving!"

           And all  the dreams that we had been chasing in  bright daylight scurry  like a herd of rabbits, bringing us to our senses. That's Life! She  (as Vidya correctly says that "Life can only be a 'she' for being so patient and awesome!") does care about us, corrects us when we go wrong, teaches us lessons when we really need to learn them and leave us enlightened and enriched ! What would we do withou…