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Never-ending love.

A silver grey tendril escaped from the cheap plastic  clip that held it in place and brushed against Charu's  cheek. It seemed a failed attempt at waking her from her reverie. Almost an hour had passed by since she had plonked herself in her favourite place by the window. It being her routine every weekend for the past couple of months now, Nanda - her attendant - didn't seem much concerned, but her heart went out to her.
"Tch tch, what a sad life! They bring up their children with so much love and care, and what do they get in return? So much heartache, so much sorrow! Thank God, I don't have kids!" Nanda muttered under her breath as she cleaned Charu's room.

          The journey from her own home to the old age home hadn't been an easy one for Charu. Having stayed there for nearly three decades, she had been devastated when she had learnt about the decision her son and her daughter-in-law had made for her. Her son, though, had promised to meet …


The sun shone on the majestic haveli belonging to the richest man in town - Ranjitsingh Rathore,  owner of the hugely successful Rathore Ispat.  The massive structure struck every passer-by with its opulence and its regal aura. According to the locals, the richness of the haveli left you spellbound each time you lay eyes on it; whether once or a hundred times in a day, you were bound to be left hypnotised by the grandiose facade. People who worked there as butlers, chauffeurs et al, regaled the outsiders with stories of the royalty that resided within the diamond bedecked walls. No, not exactly diamond-bedecked, but, bling-y, for sure!
           The  three storeyed haveli stood in the centre of a huge, lush green estate, which boasted of an exotic flora flown in from all round the world, as were the  artefacts within the gilded walls. The furniture, the upholstery, even the crockery and the cutlery screamed "elegance"! And, the fabric that covered the inhabitant…

The meeting.

She stared at her coffee, as if making sure it was the right  brew that she had ordered.  Inhaling a lungful of the heavenly aroma wafting from the mug, she felt her taste buds getting aroused! Her fingers moved forward to curl around  the mug, but stopped short. All of a sudden she felt her life slipping out of her body - a feeling that had become almost an everyday occurrence since the past few days.  A feeling which would be invariably followed by an avalanche of questions she tried to find answers for.
Would he keep his word? Would he really come all the way to meet her? And, most importantly, would he find her appealing enough as he always claimed to do? Appealing  enough outside the virtual world where they had been meeting all this while? 
They had been classmates in school, some 25 years ago. Meeting after all this time via social media, they had instantly bonded thanks to the nostalgia for their school days. Their friendship had grown over the days and unbeknownst t…

The motherhood challenge.

A  few days ago, a dear friend of mine wrote a touching post disapproving the 'motherhood challenge' that has been going viral on Facebook. Motherhood challenge is all about women posting pictures with their children and tagging other women, who according to them, are 'awesome mothers'. But, my friend felt that by adding the words challenge and dare,  they were drawing a divide between themselves and others who weren't blessed enough.  I was touched by her views that defended women who might feel marginalised by such a challenge, although that might not be the motive behind it at all.
          Wonder how many women would feel the way my friend did! How many of the 'blessed ones' try and understand that behind such decisions might lie a reason, a helplessness that gives a woman endless pain? We haven't chosen to stay childless because of a lack of fondness for children. There were reasons and circumstances that stood in the way of us holdin…

Don't click. Just 'save' to memory.

It's early morning and as I step into my balcony, I get a warm welcome by my beloved sparrows. Their chirping makes for the sweetest music I have ever heard. Lucky me, I get to enjoy it every day! As I wish my plants a very good morning, I look up to see the most amazing sight ever: the sun in its magical pink and orange garb rising in the east! I stand spellbound as I look at the fire ball which will be at its harshest and hottest in a matter of a few hours. I almost turn to head indoors to grab my phone and click a picture, but I stop myself. 
            For a change, I decide I will simply 'save' it to memory, so that I can revisit the moment sometime in the future when the lovely pink sun becomes an unbearable hot ball of fire.  'Memory' as in, my personal memory bank I have 'up there', nestled smugly within my brain. It at once feels good to have something that will stay with me...just me. Something ,which does not stand to face the risk of getting d…

Friday Fictioneers. Fate.

100 words.        

      The Colonel's beloved cottage lay in ruins. They said a fire caused it, though, what caused the fire  was a mystery. Some blamed his old servant's forgetfulness, and some, the chain -smoking owner.
      None suspected any foul play. How could they? He had served the nation, after all. His character was spotless.  And his home was his pride!
    "Poor man lost his wife in the fire!  Ah, cruel fate!"  they clucked sympathetically.

      "The bitch deserved it!  Canoodling with every officer who reported to me! Wonder who those bastard kids belong to!" the army man muttered as he watched from afar.

Life, interrupted.

She lay on the mattress staring at the moon through the window. It would be a month since her husband left her for...She squeezed her eyes shut at the memory of that day. Had she been blind all along to not notice the change? Or, had she been in denial of it, since the day he shrugged off her hand as she reached out to touch him? Where and  when had things gone wrong? Or, had things been right ever? 

             " 'She' had been better-looking, well-endowed and all, but I had been the favourite daughter-in-law of the family, since day one!" Uma thought, as her fingers knotted and unknotted the end of her saree pallu absentmindedly. "So what if I hadn't studied in some  big university, I bore a son within the first year of our marriage!" her heart beat with a vehemence as she listed her distinctions. Yet, the voices in her head taunted her; her husband had preferred another woman over her! 

            Uma turned to look at her little one who slept peacef…

The GM and I.

S:    You know,   I would never do this. 

GM:  Yes, I know. But, if I don't exert such pressure,  you will never try to better yourself. 
                  The sloth residing within you needs to be thrown out, lest you suffer in its torpidity!

S:     But, this will require efforts...!

GM:   Yes,  the kind you seldom put in!

           S:      Ohh! You tormentor! You...!

GM:   But, it's  for your benefit, sweetie!

S:   Oh, well, I guess I will do it, but only  for myself. My skills need it, so does my mind.  I don't intend to impress you, or let you indulge in self-pride for getting me to toe the line. 

GM:  There's my good girl! So proud of you!

S: Yes, yes, your good girl! Now, stop chuckling, will you?!

*The above dialogue is an imaginary one between  S (me)  and GM  (God Mother - Shailaja), who suggested this prompt of writing a post of 100 words without using the letter 'a'. I  was rather apprehensive as it seemed pretty tough to write without using the m…