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The one.

*Read the first part of  this story: here

              The old radio - my dad's birthday gift to me -  played a classical tune to welcome the dawn. It felt as if it was making some background music for the thoughts that floated in my mind.  My day had just begun. I was sitting in my balcony, with a steaming cup of coffee, giving company to the sparrows who had come to collect their breakfast from the bird-feeder. I should have been enjoying this me-time with the music, the brew, the birds, but there was something that just wouldn't let me, like an itch that won't let you sit in peace.

            The argument I had had last night with my superior at work had left me sleeping fitfully till almost 3 am. I did drift off afterwards, but woke up when the alarm went off; woke up in a bad mood.  The first thought that came to my mind on waking up was how sullen I would be the entire day. And, all because of one human being! Damn that man for spoiling not only my yesterday, b…

Life With a Dog.

The old guy lies on a carpet by the fireplace, worn out and listless. His 'dad' comes over and whispers to him that his place is upstairs, with his parents in their soft bed, but fails to evoke a reaction from the oldie. So, he lies down next to his 'old baby' and wraps his arm protectively around him. His 'mum' then gets a blanket, tucks them in and after looking lovingly at the pair, tiptoes out of the room. 

              If you are a dog lover,  you will instantly  recognise this scene from the movie, 'Marley and Me'. It's a movie I have seen umpteen times, as I am sure you have, too. Every quote by the writer, John Grogan, will resonate with you. Every scene, whether hilarious or a tear-jerker, will make you reach for your bundle of  fur, and hug him tight.

            As I write this post, I  see  my labrador son of 12 years, Chikoo, sleeping by my feet; his breath rhythmic, his eyelids fluttering as he romps about in his dreamland.  As I pond…

The odd pair.

Our mind - it's a bit of an oddity, isn't it? Just when you want it to spin its magic, it decides to clam up! No amount of cajoling or flattery succeeds in shaking it out of its unresponsiveness. It's like you are talking to the walls; there is hardly any reaction! Or, like when you want your kiddo  to recite his nursery rhymes and entertain the guests - well, show off his reciting skills, actually - and he simply stands there, all shy and quiet; and all your coaxing seems to lack any power to elicit any reaction from the child!
             That is exactly how I have been feeling since the past week. My mind refuses to come up with a single idea for a blogpost.  "Have you decided to go on a strike?" I asked it. It replied it was away on a sabbatical, taking  along with it all the ideas that floated around in it all the time. Can you believe it? So, now when I sit with my laptop in front of me, my eyes stare at the screen and, in a few moments,…