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My place of joy.

If you were to ask me where I would like to be right now, I would name the place that casts its spell on me each time I find myself there. With its endless stretches of soft, golden sand, the vast,  rumbling ocean and the gusty wind in my hair - it would have to be the beach! It's a place that consumes me with its abundance!

  Long ago, my aunt lived by the beach. It was as if she had a beach in her backyard! And, the one memory that still stays fresh in my memory  is of my cousin and I - two little girls - slipping out of the house and wandering away towards the beach. The afternoon sun shone bright on our pink faces as we kept walking further away from home, oblivious to the chaos that our actions would generate.

  So lost were we in our girly chatter, we didn't realise the amount of time we had been away from home. There, in the magnificence of the beach, with the ocean and the wind whispering into our ears to hurry home, we sat basking in the beauty of the moment. Two l…

Happiness is...

I stumbled across a Page on Facebook, 'Happiness is when...' while surfing through one day.  It's a cutesy page that depicts happy moments using sweet little  stick figures and sweeter tag lines. I often visit this page to look up for any new pictures they may have added to their repertoire and return with a handful few that tug at my heartstrings.

But, today, as I sifted through their pictures to save some for my album, I paused to ponder over how wonderful it would be to think about some real life moments that, despite their ordinariness, bring forth a smile that comes gushing from the deepest corner of my heart, especially when joy is the last emotion that anything could evoke.

So, I have  compiled a list of those 'Happiness is when...' moments, which will come in handy during those times when looking for happiness is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack;  moments so loaded with joy and warmth, I would pray they last for all eternity. We all experience su…

Early to rise. ..

Childhood. What is it that I remember most about my childhood? a friend asked me the other day. Well, now, let's see.....dolls, friends, hop-scotch, frolicking in the muddy puddles, trying to catch little frog babies...Ugh! Did I actually do that? Yucks!

Well, apart from all of that, I, and the fact that I hated school. Yes, I did!

Apart from that, too...I remember...father's terrifying demeanour, and his lectures, which often began first thing in the mornings.

 The first sound that announced the arrival of the morn used to be father's booming, "SHILPAA!!"
 It would cut through my dreams like a knife. Why, oh why, did I have to wake up so early? Why did I have to go to school? It was the most hated place in the world for me; why did  I have to lose my precious sleep over it!? Moreover,  the sun was still to rise, why should I be up before Him?"

"Tch," was the first sound uttered in response to the!

What a …

What the stars foretell.

I awoke with a jolt this morning, at 8:15 am (that damn cough syrup, I tell you!) and realised I hadn't gotten back to my usual blogging schedule! What had I been doing all these days? As I brushed my teeth, and drew up my to-do list for the day, I decided I would, apart from chilling, write a blogpost today. The morning passed by beautifully and by noon I remembered my to-do list. Switching off the television, I brought out my laptop, lighted a few incense sticks (aww, not really! Just kidding 😉), and prayed to the Almighty for some interesting prompts to  fire my imagination. Having done all of that, I settled into my favourite chair, my fingers ready to fly across the keyboard and type up a magnificent post in a matter of minutes.

 However, as always,  no sooner had I fired up my laptop than the ideas that had begun swimming in my mind, vanished, just like that! I sat for almost 20 minutes twiddling my thumbs, racking my brain and thinking of something to write about. Was I …

Far away from the maddening crowd.

It's been almost a fortnight since life has been a tad bit peaceful. It may sound as if I rue the fact that life has been peaceful because of the "tad bit" part, but I am just being superstitious. You see, I fear, that if I enthusiastically proclaimed  that life has been blissful, and oh, so joyous, I might jinx things for myself! Ergo, the underplay of emotions. The peace I refer to has been courtesy of a new habit I developed.

I snapped ties, well, almost, with  Facebook. Got myself de-addicted, sort of. For all that Fb did for me: helping connect with long lost childhood friends and distant relatives; bringing the world into my home for me to gape at and wonder in amazement at its awesomeness, and also get acquainted with some really talented people, I am ever so grateful to it. However, it took away with it my peace of mind; succeeded in making me feel (on hindsight) like a complete farce and getting me to believe that what I saw was what the world (apparently) was…

I resolve to keep going!

The new year has begun. And, so has our struggle to stick to the resolutions we made at the end of last year. We awake each day with renewed vigour; a zest to see ourselves taking baby steps in the directions we set for ourselves. We have vowed, after all, to bring about a change in ourselves, our perspectives, our attitudes. Diligently we put one foot after the other as we embark upon our endeavour to fulfil a hundred promises we made to ourselves. And, thou shalt not rest until thou hast fulfilled thine word of honour.

 However, regretfully so, we realise that as time passes, our resolve slackens. The resolutions we made have begun moving down our priority list even before the first month of the new year is a few days old. Ever so stealthily, our vows have been nudged aside as life, real life, takes precedence over superficial things, like resolutions. Who, in the history of mankind, has ever stuck to the vows he made on an impulse on a new year's eve,  when  fireworks burst …