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Happiness is...

Image courtesy: ManuBala

I stumbled across a Page on Facebook, 'Happiness is when...' while surfing through one day.  It's a cutesy page that depicts happy moments using sweet little  stick figures and sweeter tag lines. I often visit this page to look up for any new pictures they may have added to their repertoire and return with a handful few that tug at my heartstrings.

But, today, as I sifted through their pictures to save some for my album, I paused to ponder over how wonderful it would be to think about some real life moments that, despite their ordinariness, bring forth a smile that comes gushing from the deepest corner of my heart, especially when joy is the last emotion that anything could evoke.

So, I have  compiled a list of those 'Happiness is when...' moments, which will come in handy during those times when looking for happiness is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack;  moments so loaded with joy and warmth, I would pray they last for all eternity. We all experience such moments, but sadly, tend to forget all about them no sooner they have passed us by. It's really up to us to lovingly gather them all and place them gently within our heart, just like a jewel placed in silk gauze to be used occasionally to bedeck oneself,  and steal a few moments of unbridled euphoria!

So, here are some of my jewels!

Happiness is when...

I open my heart to mum, or she to me. Moments, when the labet of 'mother-daughter' gets swapped with that of 'best friends' or 'soul mates'. When she shares with me some of the chapters of her life's story; chapters she has concealed from the world, but decides to share with me, because she knows that now I will be able to understand them better. Understand her better. 

Happiness is when...

  I talk with my closest friends. When I realise how they put aside their own troubles and offer me their shoulder to lean on as I pour out my feelings of anguish and voice my fears. Moments, when I know, deep down where my instinct resides,  that come what may, these couple of friends will always be by my side, whichever corner of the world they may be in. All I need to do, is just call out to them.

Happiness is when...

 The little boy, who was not born in my belly, but who means to me as much as my son, blows me a flying kiss through the elevator window before leaving for his play-time. The flying kiss may be just a one-off gesture of love, but the cloud of warmth that it leaves behind showers me with a sweet drizzle of the love that I had been bereft of for a long time in my life.
 Happiness is in knowing that the aunt in me must have done something right to receive the kind of love that's generally reserved for a mother. 

Happiness is when...

  I spot the rising moon in all her golden splendour, and feel my heart explode with such ecstasy, I hurriedly call up my mother to rush outdoors and have a look at her namesake. Mum was named, 'Indu', after the same celestial beauty we both are in love with!

Happiness is when...

  I lay my hands on a book not knowing what a rare jewel I have landed. And, yes, happiness is also when, on reaching the denouement and learning about the sorrowful lives of the characters, I burst out sobbing. Sobbing for the people the story revolves around, for the life they should have lived but couldn't, and for the way each of us have been destined to live. A life so far removed from the other and yet so alike with all of its ups and downs, its triumphs and tragedies, we all are almost living and breathing the very same story!

Happiness is in knowing...

  .. that apart from my closest friends, there are  some special people in my life, who, though miles away, have bonded with me so well, it feels like we have known each other in some other life time! Happiness is in knowing that trust, which may come with a heavy price-tag, can be bestowed on strangers for the simple reason that not every heart has evil residing within it. Wisdom is in knowing that there are angels around us all, who are only waiting to be noticed! Life becomes a beautiful journey, with these angels giving us some pleasurable company, isn't it?

I intend to keep track of such moments of happiness; keep them safe in the treasure box of my heart, for I know that life is uncertain. And, that nothing lasts forever. The happiness that gives me the ability to breathe easy may get snatched from me in some unforeseen moment. Therefore, it would only be wise to enjoy such moments and be grateful for the exuberance that they fill my heart with. 

Do you save your happy moments in some special space, to savour and delight in when life and her idiosyncrasies get a bit too much to bear? Do share with me...I would love to know!




  1. Oh, how wonderful dear Shilpa:-) I can so relate, and felt happy just reading through this feel good post of yours. Yes, happiness is... so much, and maybe just chatting with a good friend, listening to a lovely song, walking in the rain, hear a kid laugh... or - as I said- read through your post... Stay happy, stay blessed my sweet friend. Lots of love XXX

    1. Happiness is also listening to what your friend finds happiness in, Eli! Thank you for your sweet words! Love n hugs! <3

  2. This was so lovely and uplifting, Shilpa! We definitely need those happy moments to cling to. I loved your examples. So touching. Loved the comparison to a jewel wrapped in silk and brought out to admire and enjoy.

    Some of my happy moments would be things like seeing Mr. C and my other feathered friends, cuddling Kobie, sharing a laugh with Brian and the boys, singing a beautiful song in choir and having it all come together after struggling for ages on the song.

    Thanks for the reminder to keep those happy memories alive!

    1. Aww..those sound like such happy moments, Cat! Worth keeping them close to our heart!

  3. Happiness is...
    the moment when I realize that I no longer have a blank sheet of watercolor paper but have, instead, a piece of life in two dimensions.
    the reflection of the moon in the river.
    my great nieces' smiles and eager chatter.
    my great nephew's smiles and baby babbles.
    feeling the song when I'm singing it.
    connecting with friends.
    baking treats for people and seeing their happiness when they taste it...
    and so much more!!!

    1. Beautiful, happy moments to be savoured and treasured for always, always!
      Thank you for stopping by, Alice! :)

  4. Lovely moments you shared, Shilpa. Indeed l love to dwell upon happy memories too especially when l open albums whether digital or otherwise.

    1. Yes, Rachna! Albums - the place to you go to when in need of some happy memories and some happy moments! :)

  5. This is wonderful. Although, technically only "WE" need to know what 'Happiness means to us', it's sometimes nice to write it down; I've always found that it gives us better perspectives and we're able to put our thoughts into words better.

  6. indeed these are all the moments that make our life happy... I love the rising of the moon too and to find a random book that turns out to be brilliant is a joy it itself. Loved the warmth and positivity in this post :D Stay blessed.

  7. How lovely! I have a pink diary and when I first got it, I thought it will call out my happy moments in life. So it did but then with time I got many more happy moments and my blog became my happy place :)

  8. Such a happy post! This made me smile, reading your moments of happiness. I have a jar in which i put in my lil notes of happy moments. :)


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