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I resolve to keep going!

  The new year has begun. And, so has our struggle to stick to the resolutions we made at the end of last year. We awake each day with renewed vigour; a zest to see ourselves taking baby steps in the directions we set for ourselves. We have vowed, after all, to bring about a change in ourselves, our perspectives, our attitudes. Diligently we put one foot after the other as we embark upon our endeavour to fulfil a hundred promises we made to ourselves. And, thou shalt not rest until thou hast fulfilled thine word of honour.

 However, regretfully so, we realise that as time passes, our resolve slackens. The resolutions we made have begun moving down our priority list even before the first month of the new year is a few days old. Ever so stealthily, our vows have been nudged aside as life, real life, takes precedence over superficial things, like resolutions. Who, in the history of mankind, has ever stuck to the vows he made on an impulse on a new year's eve,  when  fireworks burst into a myriad colours and blinded us to the realities of life?   The wild frenzy that engulfed us on New Year's Eve had us making promises galore; how we were swept away by the energy surrounding us, we were oblivious to the words we spouted!

 Still, a promise is a promise, so think some of us as we mask our guilt with nervous laughter. Our conscience seldom lets us rest in peace! So, we reach for those vows that now lie somewhere in the  waste basket;  dusting  away the thin film of carelessness that has settled on them, we place them up on the mantelpiece, where we can view them clearly, night and day. We reassure ourselves that we have it in us to do it; shutting up the nagging voice of discouragement that threatens to break our resolve, we move ahead in the direction of our goals.

 A very noble deed, indeed, since it was for us that we had promised to change. For the person with whom we shall be spending the rest of our lives - ourselves. But, do we realise the amount of hard work and courage that is really needed to fulfil certain vows we make to ourselves? The weight that needs to be brought under control, the career change that needs to be worked on, the ex who needs to be gotten over for good, the finances that need to be reworked so they stand us in good stead - it all requires courage and commitment and efforts.  Loads of efforts.

 Our psyches get attuned to our thinking and our behaviour over a period of time. ergo, when one fine day we work up the guts to change ourselves, we find it difficult  to follow the new commands. We were so well ensconced in our earlier habits that developing new habits seems like mission impossible. That earlier life felt as cozy as the worn blanket that keeps us warm during cold, wintry nights; why do we need to let go of that blanket?  Why not snuggle up in that blanket of warm memories a little longer? Old habits die hard, don't they?

 But, die, they must, else how will we work towards that better future we foresee? It is a necessity, setting out on this new adventure, for that's how we will see the world, learn about ourselves, our strength and our weaknesses that need to be worked upon.

 So, pull up your socks, roll up your sleeves and get ready to get dirty - for that's how you strike gold; that's how you achieve success in fulfilling your dreams. Nothing ever comes easy, therefore, toil we must. Nothing lasts forever, therefore let go, we must. It will be difficult, that I promise. But, it will all be  worth it. The new YOU who will emerge at the end of it, will be the YOU you will be proud of! And, this, too, I promise!

I began working on some changes I wish to see in myself way before the new year began. I didn't consider waiting for a certain day to turn over a new leaf. But, it hasn't been easy. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not to look back wistfully at the beautiful days gone by, instead I need to look ahead at the really magnificent days that await me. So, I have to keep going, keep fighting.

Have you resolved to bring about changes in your life? How are you finding the journey? What do you do to keep going ahead? Do share with me...I would love to hear about it. 




  1. Trying is all that matters....We cannot keep all the promises that we made, but we can not quit trying....It is all that matters, as I have realized too in this journey. At times, we have to let go, to give way to new adventures. That is all that life is about - trying....Inspiring words Shilpa...

    1. Yes, Sunaina...Keep trying, is all that we need to do. We are bound to slip off here or there, but we ought to keep going!

  2. It's commendable to see your resolve, Shilpa and I particularly like the way you took the social media addiction by the horns, as you mentioned on my blog post. The truth of the matter is, I find, unless we are driven by a deep-seated desire to change something about ourselves, no amount of external motivation will work. Even if it does, it will be short lived. That's the truth. Let's hope that more people achieve their goals and feel happy as the year progresses.

    1. It needs to stem from within us, Shailaja - this urge to change - only then do we make conscious efforts to fulfil our goals. We might slacken once in a while, but we need to get up and get going. Hoping I am able to stick to my resolves till I achieve what it is that I have decided for myself! :)

  3. I never take new year resolutions. In fact sometimes I find myself too lazy to resolve to anything since I don't follow up on it. Be it my writing or my art work. But let's hope this year is different and I think my word for this year is going to be FOCUS.:) I hope and wish that you will be able to accomplish whatever you resolve to do in this coming year. All the best!

    1. That's a good word, Uma. For, it is only our focus that will keep us on our path.
      Thank you so much! I hope you too are able to work on your focus! :)

  4. Old habits die hard. It's an ongoing struggle... but that strengthens our will, strengthens our character. It's great to know that you didn't wait for a day to start making changes. Sometimes it just comes from within :) wish you a fabulous year and hope you tick all your goals.

    1. Thank you, Raj!
      I am glad too that I began the moment I decided that it would be now or never. Waiting for a particular date/day seriously never works out. We only keep pushing it to the next day!
      Thank you so much! Wish you a fabulous year, too!

  5. Old habits are really like a warm, cosy blanket in which we want to remain snuggled in. Coming out of it will mean braving the chill of the air and this is difficult. You have made a great step by not waiting for the new year to resolve but starting way before the hour striked 12. I personally feel new year resolutions are over-rated and I am not making any for this year. I just want to relax this year with D starting full time school june onwards. I have had a long journey of last 5 years where I have hardly had adequate time for myself. Happy new year to you once again.

    1. True, Anamika. They really are over rated. You can resolve to change any time of the year, as long as you make it a point to stick to your resolve.
      I hope you are able to relax the way you want and find time for yourself, your activities now. I know how once you become a mother, your wishes get pushed to the back burner.
      Thank you so much, my dear! :)

  6. I think it's better to make resolutions and not keep them, than to give in to discouragement that says 'why try to change, when you know you can't?' What works really well for me is to have a word for the year. I may not think of it consciously every day, but it does work for me. Good luck with all your resolutions for 2017, Shilpa.

    1. True, Corinne. That's right too. And I did like the idea of having a particular word to guide you through the year. It helps keep your focus on what you have decided to do for yourself.
      Thank you so much! :)

  7. Kudos, Shilpa. Way to go, girl. Keep at it! Just like you I don't wait for a date to begin change. It is not easy because breaking old habits are hard especially at our ripe old ages. ;-) But yes, we have to keep at it. I began a few changes too, some in November and some others in December. Hope to continue.

    1. Thank you, Rachna! Hoping I am able to see the changed me and my fulfilled goals by the end of this year!
      Kudos to you, too! May you be able to aim for the goals you set for yourself! :)

  8. You are right Shilpa, old habits die hard. I don't have any resolutions as such. But of course, there are some changes which I had to start with since the birth of my baby. Some days I am able to keep them all, some days I'm not. But I have learned to not stress over it when I fail. Trying to take it easy and to stop with the guilt trips for doing what I enjoy. Glad to know that you are working on yours without waiting. I believe this is going to help us. :)

  9. It's very well enumerated. I think we can make small changes to improve ourselves and not such sky rocketed resolutions that scare us.


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