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Que sera sera...

How many times in your life have you wished you were Aladdin? The guy who would just rub the magic lamp and poof...out would appear a genie, who would fulfil every wish, every command you uttered? A hundred times, isn't it? Especially, when there was that something that you felt had the potential to change your life, turn your world upside down, and yet, was just not within your reach. When all the hard work you put in bore no fruits, leaving you frustrated and desperate, and yet, you didn't have the heart to let go of that one thing you knew was meant just for you. Am I right?

I have wanted to be Aladdin for quite a long time, now. Despite knowing that there are somethings far out of reach, are not destined to be mine,  the countless human frailties render me desperate, driving me to seek precisely what I should ideally leave alone. The greed, the feeling that certain things are a necessity for my growth is what drives me insane when I fail to achieve the object of my desire…

The BergerXP Indiblogger Meet.

Last week,  I received an invite from Indiblogger for a BergerXP Indiblogger  Meet at The Vivanta by Taj, at Cuffe Parade.  They promised me "a  fun-filled Saturday afternoon with loads of madness the good old Indiblogger way."   I hadn't attended a single Indiblogger meet, and so, was eager to know what sort of "madness" there would be. Indiblogger also added a note that I had been invited for the meet because of the topics I blogged about and my Indirank and also my overall awesomeness! Wow! Trust Indiblogger to make you feel so special,  I simply had to go!

The part I looked forward to was meeting bloggers I had only met virtually. The venue selected was royal, to say the least. And, the moment I stepped inside Vivanta, I knew I would be having a lovely time. We gathered, introduced ourselves and on learning how well we knew each other virtually, burst into guffaws for feeling like strangers on meeting in the real world! The registration done, we mingle…

We and our bare essentials.

This morning, I read an amusing article on how squeamish our society is about women's undergarments and the etceteras. Etceteras, as in all the  things related to women. I mean, those you-know-whats, and those other you-know-whats, as well!  And, it reminded me of all those times when this squeamishness was highly palpable, even to the teenaged me, who wondered what the fuss was all about!

I remember how, as a big girl, I had to hide my stuff from the world. The undergarments, the sanitary napkins, all of it had to be shoved to the back of my shelf in the cupboard, lest it presented its ugly self to the world and polluted the serenity around.  Do you remember, how in the olden days a Brahmin would get 'polluted' if touched by a person from the lower caste? Yes, just like that. Our lady-items have the potential to contaminate the virtuous world around us.

If a bra or a panty happens to be lying around in our room, then... "Why is that thing of yours lying around like …

Are you a bibliophile?

Over the years, I have realised that being an introvert and  loving your own company more than that of the others has its own benefits. You learn a lot about 'Yourself'  - the one person you are going to spend your life with - and, you learn to spend your time and energy on things that help mould you into a much better version of yourself.

  It can be stifling, though,  being with yourself all the time. I mean, we humans are social animals, and we need people to share our feelings with, at least every now and then, if not always.  But, when solitude gets forced upon you, all you can do is accept it,  learn ways to turn the situation around, and revel in it!

 I turned to the love of my life - my books! An avid reader as a youngster, I remember how I would  wander off in the pages of my story books and forget the world. Over time, though, my books took a backseat as life took over.  Until some time ago, when I heard them calling out to me during some silent moments and I pick…

Friends forever.

We met when we were little girls, dancing to the clinking sound of the cymbals at our dance class. We - P and I - were Bharatnatyam students in our early teens. A shy, "HI", or, "Hello", was all that we exchanged, both of us being reserved and shy of nature. I fail to recollect the period vividly, as we were quite young then, and not chummy with each other. 

However, it was in our late  teens - 17/ 18 years of age - that we really began to bond as we prepped  up for our Arangetram. Within no time did we learn a lot about each other, especially the fact that we were so alike in many an aspect - the basis on which friendship,  as a relationship for a lifetime, finds its foundation. Those were the years we shared our dreams, our fantasies, even the rare  grouse that we had with our parents during that rebellious age!

We practically grew together, as we met each other on a daily basis. Not a day would go by when we did not speak with each other, or exchange hellos via  …