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Let's bring a smile to her face.

What is the one activity we women revel in? Okay, let me give you a clue.  It is something that concerns no one but us; not our kids, not our partners, and certainly not our work. Yes. It's our sartorial sense! Which woman on this planet does not enjoy getting all dressed up,  putting on some make-up,  and styling her hair in a way that enhances her beauty and transforms her into Cinderella? We all do, don't we? We may differ in the passion with which we do it, but, we all do find an out-of-the-world happiness in the entire process, don't we?

A festive occasion, a family function, a friend's wedding, or even a girls'  day out gives us a  reason to look forward to indulging ourselves. Some of us go the extra mile and visit a beauty salon and splurge on our grooming in order to stand out from the crowd! We bring out our special occasion-only outfits, borrow from our sisters/moms/friends  all the matching accessories  we can, just to feel special. The feeling deep do…

Dangling earrings.

What do you do when you find your days dull and gloomy?  What do you do when you find your effervescence forsaking you and your mood turning towards the nasty  blues? What is it that you do to lift your spirits when feeling all crappy and sick?

I put on my dangling earrings. The danglier the better. That's something I have discovered that helps put me in the right mood all over again. Let's admit it. A homemaker's life can be utterly boring, at times. The mornings are sure busy and rushed, but once you have bidden goodbye and "have a lovely day!" to one and all, you turn around to face an empty house,  pin-drop silence and a load of dirty dishes and unwashed laundry and whatnot.

Your first instinct is to just drop into the nearby couch and doze off. Forget all the damned chores and just put your feet up; play some soothing music, or curl up with that dogeared book that has been lying on the bookshelf since months. Or, maybe pour yourself a glass of wine (In the …


I worked at an educational institution for 8 years. It was a haven, where I was surrounded by 5,6 and 7 year olds, all day. I use the word 'haven' to describe my place of work because it made me feel safe; safe for the woman in me. I had to travel to reach school, but it was not much of an inconvenience because I knew that I was travelling to a place I felt as comfortable in as my own home.

I quit my job some time ago and since then  have been a homemaker, far, and safe, from the world out there, where wolves and hyenas roam free. I read about women having to face sexual harassment at their workplace and every time I read such news, I think back to my time at my workplace, which for me,  was like a warm cocoon. A place  where I could walk freely, without the fear of someone lurking around the corner, or in the restroom, waiting to pounce on me.

Few days ago, I came across this news article about a CEO of a company -  let's call him, Mr. Hyena. This Mr. Hyena was in the ne…

Vanity thy name is Selfie!

I read a quote on Facebook today which  had a profound impact on my mind (since the arrival of social media, where else do we attain enlightenment on an everyday basis!?).  It was an ordinary quote, like every other quote that we are wont to read, like and share to show our solidarity with the original sharer and display our erudition to our online admirers.  However, on rereading the words, I felt I was being mocked! Do read it for yourselves and then we shall continue..

                                 "WORK ON YOURSELF. NOT ON YOUR SELFIE."

So, if a narcissist like yours truly is advised to work on her self instead of on her selfie, won't she feel like she is being jibed for being vain and too full of herself?  Ufff....these quotes, I tell you! They sure can get you dispirited! What else do we do with our IPhones and our Androids and whatnots, if not click stunning pictures of our shallow selves? You tell me.  Our online friends (who we have aplenty) know us through a…

A new book on my shelf.

Ever since the time our world was hit by Potter mania, I have wondered about this book that has captivated a million people worldwide.  I was curious about why Harry Potter,  (supposedly) a children's book, was being devoured by adults.  I admit, children's books can be much more interesting, at times, as they take us away to some far off fantasy lands. And, who doesn't enjoy being in a fantasy land?  Still, what lay amidst those pages that had people queueing up outside bookstalls, eager to own a copy? What was it that had enthralled its audiences to such an extent that Potter-ese had become a whole new language?

All these years, I just couldn't get myself to pick up a Harry Potter on my countless trips to the bookshop. I would read about the book and its myriad magical (weird, for me) characters in blogposts and hear friends rave about it! They would cajole me to give it a try, at least once. But, I wasn't convinced. It felt like an utter waste of time.

Some day…

You are The Man!

I admit, I am late in discussing this event, but did you watch the controversial 'Koffee with Karan' episode, two weeks ago? The one where the ubertalented Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan were Karan Johar's guests on his famous couch, sipping coffee along with him? Did you notice Kangana's confidence and her sassiness?   Do you remember her repartees, her jibes, her ripostes that were well-aimed at Mr. Johar? How fearlessly she spoke her mind without mincing words! And, she was in conversation with one of the Big Daddies of Bollywood.

I confess, I am an admirer of Ms. Ranaut, and I was blown away by her candour. The fact that she gave two hoots about diplomacy, and about the men in power in the hindi film industry,  shows how self-assured she is. She wasn't born into the industry, with a silver spoon; she entered the industry as an "outsider", who, despite being written off by the industry bigwigs, worked her way up the very competitive ladder, right to…

A walk in the rain: A journey of love and redemption. Book Review.

Book: A walk in the rain. A journey of love and redemption.

Genre:  Romantic thriller.

Author: Udai Yadla.

Format: Paperback.

  I have almost stopped reading romance novels since some time now. The reason being that age has taught me quite a bit about the fictitious nature of love, and also that romance  novels have the ability to lure us into a world of make-believe!  However, if the novel boasts of an adventure along with romance, then I do reach for it. Reading action-packed adventures of the characters in the book does thrill me. There's drama and suspense that adds some spice to the story and instantly piques my curiosity about how the story would unfold.

A walk in the rain, a debut novel by writer Udai Yadla, is one such book. I would suggest you don't go by the cover of the book for the simple reason that, well,  one must never judge a book by its cover! It does begin with romance between the hero and the heroine, but as you turn the pages, you learn that there's more t…