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Vanity thy name is Selfie!

I read a quote on Facebook today which  had a profound impact on my mind (since the arrival of social media, where else do we attain enlightenment on an everyday basis!?).  It was an ordinary quote, like every other quote that we are wont to read, like and share to show our solidarity with the original sharer and display our erudition to our online admirers.  However, on rereading the words, I felt I was being mocked! Do read it for yourselves and then we shall continue..

                                 "WORK ON YOURSELF. NOT ON YOUR SELFIE."

So, if a narcissist like yours truly is advised to work on her self instead of on her selfie, won't she feel like she is being jibed for being vain and too full of herself?  Ufff....these quotes, I tell you! They sure can get you dispirited! What else do we do with our IPhones and our Androids and whatnots, if not click stunning pictures of our shallow selves? You tell me.  Our online friends (who we have aplenty) know us through all that they can glean from our posts and pictures. Isn't it better they learn all about our superficial selves and not what goes on deep down in our mind?

It's better they don't pry away the mask that hides our real faces and learn all the abominable truths about our egotist selves. It's better they see the pretty and handsome faces that hide a million secrets, and secretly crave for the perfect faces and bodies we are endowed with, apparently.

Having said that, the message from the quote did make me sit up and take notice - of myself and how my mind works. It made me cringe at my stupidity and my vanity. I agree, I really really need to work on myself - the self that exists within. The heart, the soul and the mind that actually needs a makeover, more than the face or the body that needs to be chiselled to perfection.

 I ought to care a damn what people think about my looks. I need to be a beautiful person from within and it will reflect on my face. No visits to the beauty salon or a hundred filtered selfies can make someone fall in love with me as a good and noble heart can. Sadly, that's one bitter pill to swallow.  We are averse to such kind of deep thinking. Our deep rooted vanity will assure that we stay blind to these facts of life and carry on with our hollow beliefs.

And, now with the arrival of all these gizmos that glorify our vanity, our senses have taken a back seat, rather, they have been sidelined, altogether. Try as I might, at the end of the day if my face doesn't appear perfect, blemish-free, it unsettles me. My friends and family might praise me to the skies for being such a wonderfully loving wife/DIL/aunt/etc, but my exterior needs repair, and that is what bothers me no end!

Why, oh why can't I accept my physical imperfections - which are visible to me alone - and love my heart and my soul that are as perfect as my Maker intended them to be?  I have reached midlife, for God's sake! Shouldn't I be confident about my physical appearance and carry that confidence with elan? How much  more do I need to age to learn that all that glitters is not gold? That beauty is only skin deep? That beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?

I hope I don't take much longer to figure that out. I hope this quote helps me extract the narcissist bug from my system, once and for all, and learn and understand the meaning of true beauty.

Ah, that's all for now. That's a bit too much of gyaan in a day, isn't it?  I do need to hurry and complete this post. You see, I have been planning on clicking a selfie without my glasses on. I look good that way. Hehe...And, when I stand by that particular window from where the sunlight comes streaming in... the backlight makes for  blemish free pictures, softer features and...

Ouch! I pinched myself! After all this gyaan, I am back to square one! 😜

Are you, too, sailing in the same boat as I am? Or, are you above these frivolous, superficial ways of thinking? Feel free to share with me your peculiarities. We will get to know each other better, won't we? Better that, than being under false impressions, eh?




  1. JUST when I'd put up a selfie today. UFF ;) But you know, it's true. If we become too self-obsessed that can be harmful. But for me, today's selfie was literally joy at being able to smile after a long, long time. So I guess the intent behind the selfie also matters. And babe, you are too hard on yourself. Really.

    1. Yes, Shy, the intent behind the selfie does need to be taken into account. And, I think some of us aren't that obsessed with our looks, thankfully! It's just some of our grey cells working overtime and bothering our conscience!
      And, my sweetie, at times, I am hard on myself, at others I just go with the flow and indulge every whim and fancy of that narcissist me! :P

  2. I am someone who has never much cared about the looks Shilpa! That doesnt mean I do not apply make up to my face or do my regular exercises - but I never go overboard to get - that perfect look. Some of my friends keep saying "you have only one face, take care of it" I have the butterfly black mark on my face, it gets darker when I go out in the sun and reduces when I am indoors. I basically work with ground level people and I would have to stop doing that for a pretty face. I have thus left worrying about my skin and work with women and children in villages. I get greater satisfaction there.

    1. You are way ahead of us mere mortals, Menaka! You are doing the kind of work most people only keep wishing they could do after they retire! SO proud of you, my dear! You are the prettiest!
      Hugs! <3

  3. Yes yes i am sailing in the same boat. But there's always that trying thing... To get above all these frivolous things in life. I aint obsessed with selfies though i love talking about myself on social media.... Narcissist me indeed ��

    1. I love clicking my pictures, sometimes, Ramya. Thankfully I don't go overboard like some others, esp the younger lot. I like to take care of myself so that when I look into the mirror, I feel good about myself. Basically, it's all about myself that goes on in my mind. At times, I get too image conscious! Need to change THAT! :P

  4. I'm the other extreme - I hate getting myself clicked and that doesn't make me a better person at all. The thing is the moment we begin to obsesses about these things, that's the moment it gets complicated. Why should't you try to look your best all the time? Why should't you wear makeup or dress up or lose weight? Why shouldn't you try to make the best of what you have? BUT when it becomes an obsession - that's when the problem begins. So by all means take those selfies but don't limit yourself to them.
    Aaj ka gyan samapt. What? You thought only you could give gyan?

    1. Hahahaha.....Tulika...I think we are all gyaanis here...the blogosphere is filled with our tribe! :P But, yes, it's best not to be obsessed with anything, lest it becomes an illness.
      This post was just an attempt at satire, to be frank. I wonder if I got it right! The selfie business was just the topic I used to portray what majority of us are indulging in these days..:)

  5. I don't really enjoy selfies unless it's an occasion that needs capturing. Though I enjoy getting clicked, they should be a moment for me. Random clicks make me nervous. I know what you mean as I see people who travel to click selfies or go to meet someone to click pictures. Focusing on self should be of utmost importance.

    1. Yes, Parul. There are many such people who visit places/meet people only to click selfies. Only if they, as well as we, focused on ourselves and what's within us, life would make more sense. :)

    2. Yes, Parul. There are many such people who visit places/meet people only to click selfies. Only if they, as well as we, focused on ourselves and what's within us, life would make more sense. :)

  6. I never take selfies. Hate them! But I can relate to basking in the attention of posting photos and having people admire and comment on them. I think that's a similar kind of thing, almost like an addiction to likes and comments. I'm always checking my Facebook to see what people say or if they liked things I posted. Delusions of grandeur, that's me!

    1. It sure can be addictive, this basking in the adulation, eh, Cat? And, my dear, it's not just you, we all do it - checking FB all the time to see/read what people have to say about us! Delusions of grandeur, indeed! :P

    2. It sure can be addictive, this basking in the adulation, eh, Cat? And, my dear, it's not just you, we all do it - checking FB all the time to see/read what people have to say about us! Delusions of grandeur, indeed! :P


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